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*** Note: Mock endpoints are available for you to use. However, before you can consume Non-Prod and Prod endpoints, you'll need to become an approved vendor with a contract on file containing a BAA and an ISA

API Documentation

Humana offers a variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help you make data more manageable, accessible and valuable for clients and consumers. This list will continue to grow as more APIs become available.

Being RESTful

Humana APIs follow the Representational state transfer (REST) format allowing resources (accounts, client, etc) to be standardized with a uniform set of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE HTTP requests. Communication with Humana follows the REST architecture constraints including being stateless & cacheable. All responses are returned as JSON objects.


Swagger is used to describe and document RESTful APIs. More information can be found at Swagger.IO


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is a standard for data formats for application programming interfaces for exchanging health information. More information can be found at


Humana is a multi_tenated environment with all tenants having access at their own sub_domain. To make a request to a tenant use the pattern ?

Posting data

API requests which post data can either use url_encoding or json to enter data. The content_type header must be set to "application/json" for the json request. The following two example shows the two methods for posting data. Note that for some requests, much more information can be posted using the json input that is available with url_encoding but all url_encoded requests are supported with their json equivalents.